Caregiver Training Grant (CTG)

The Caregivers Training Grant is a $200 annual subsidy that lets caregivers attend approved courses to better care for their loved ones and is administered by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). The $200 subsidy is provided for each care recipient every financial year (from April to March of the following year). If multiple caregivers of the same care recipient wish to attend training, the $200 would need to be shared among the family members. 

The courses available under the Caregivers Training Grant can be found on the Caregiver Training Courses e-calendar. The trainer could conduct the class in your home, or a classroom at a training centre. You can also use a computer or other electronic devices to learn, by watching videos and reading training materials. 

You must pay at least $10 after registering.


  1. Care Recipient's Nationality
    The care recipient must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  2. Care Recipient's Age and Needs
    The care recipient must be aged 65 and older, OR have a disability as by a qualified healthcare practitioner*
  3. Relationship
    The caregiver must be the person in charge of caring for the care recipient (this can include family members and foreign domestic workers).
  4. Complete Training
    The caregiver must complete the training course and receive a certificate of attendance if there is one.

  1. Go to the ARC Learning Academy website.
  2. Click on the Course Catalogue tab from the menu bar.
  3. Select the courses that are “Eligible for Caregiver Training Grant (CTG)”.
  4. The individual will have to register with ARC Learning Academy and email the following supporting documents to the training coordinator.
    1. CTG application form
    2. Attendee NRIC/Work Permit (front & back)
    3. Care Recipient Birth Certificate
    4. Care Recipient Diagnosis Report OR
      Doctor Memo OR
      CTG form verified by Social Service Agency (SSA)
  5. The training coordinator will apply for the grant on behalf of the attendee.
  6. The training coordinator will notify the individual of the grant outcome and advise on the co-payment amount.



Professional Capability Grant (PCG) Local Training Grant

The Professional Capability Grant (PCG) provides a training subsidy for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to build their manpower and organisation’s capability through training that will better equip the professionals in meeting the needs of the social service sector. The PCG supports social service-related scholarships, awards, short-term local training courses/conferences and higher education programmes. The pre-approval funding supports short-term social service-related courses and conferences.


  1. The staff of NCSS member Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and/or MSF-funded agencies are eligible to tap into the training grant, that is related to their scope of work.

  2. Volunteers of NCSS member SSAs and/or MSF-funded agencies are only eligible for Professional Skill-based training, that is related to their scope of volunteering in the SSAs.

  3. SSA applicants who are on their respective Work Passes must have Work Pass validity of 1 year or more, at the point of application.

  4. Applicants who are Employment Pass/S Pass/Work Permit holders must have at least one year of remaining EP/SP/Work Permit validity at the point of application.

  5. The pre-approved course must be attended by participants from more than one SSA.

  6. Funding will not be extended to courses that:

    1. Have already commenced.

    2. Are receiving other sources of Government funding, unless specially allowed.

    3. Can tap on grants administered by other Government agencies such as the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

  7. Achieve at least 75 per cent attendance.

  8. Be certified competent in all assessment components.

  1. As announced by NCSS on 28 March 23, the Fund Application System (FAS) has been decommissioned and onboarded onto the Training Partners Gateway (TPGateway).

  2. Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and Charities are not required to enrol their staff for the course in the new system.

  3. With the onboarding to TPGateway, the Training Providers will enrol the course participants in the TPGateway system.

  4. If any participant from your school/organisation does not successfully complete the training or fails the programme's assessment components, the school/organisation will be responsible for paying the full fees; including the PCG subsidy.